Mandarin Immersion (Grades K-2, 3-5)*

Learn and practice Mandarin all day through fun, hands-on projects and activities. Students will work on vocabulary, reading, writing, and speaking at different levels of Chinese proficiency. Choose from 3 weekly themes or take them all!

The Living Planet

Welcome to the Sky Kids Academy of Science!  Students will spend the camp week exploring, experimenting, analyzing, and recording their project results. They will keep a week-long Chinese journal to take home with them.

We will look at the nature around us (e.g. native plants, birds, frogs, habitats, etc.) and also try to understand the science behind natural phenomenon through different hands-on projects (e.g. rock candy, magic balloons, invisible ink, electromagnets, etc.)

Planned Field Trips: Presidio, Golden Gate Park, and China Beach

Messy Finger Eats

The Sky Kids Culinary Program launches this year with campers making tasty finger treats, learning about ingredients and food preparation, and creating how-to videos. Students will start with edible play dough and make playful ornaments that are also good to eat. We will learn how to make dumplings and sticky rice balls from scratch. Fruit salad, ice lollies, banana pudding, rice cakes, and trail mix cookies are also on our menu too. These are only some of the messy finger eats Sky Kids will create together. 

Planned Field Trips: Local markets/grocery stores, Playgrounds/Parks

Handy Kids

Time to roll-up your sleeves and take arts & crafts to the next level! Campers will be making functional objects for home and personal use. Applying their aesthetic sense and creative minds, students will learn how to make erasers, wearable plastic art, magic erasing sponges, soap jellies, stress balls, and various other DIY projects. The same basic materials will be provided to all campers but its up to them to create their own unique products to take home from camp.

Planned Field Trips: Playground/Parks, Children's Creativity Museum, Exploratorium

  • This course is taught in MANDARIN with bi-lingual teaching assistants available to support where needed.  We recommend that only students currently learning Mandarin or have some prior foundation in the language sign-up for these camps. Per assessment on Day 1, we may separate students into smaller learning groups to better meet the learning needs of their proficiency level (beginner, intermediate, advanced). 

  • Sky Kids reserves the right to change course content and field trip locales as needed. Field trip schedules will be provided before the start of each camp week.