Handy Crafts (Grades K-2)

Time to roll-up your sleeves and take arts & crafts to the next level!

Applying their creative minds, handy nature, and aesthetic sense, our young campers will learn how to tackle different DIY projects such as making wearable plastic art, lip balm, candles, wood/cork stamps, succulent containers, and other fun and useful items for kids and adults. We will also introduce the use of low temperature 3D pens suitable for young children to create their own 3D art. 

By the end of the week, students will have their own unique set of accessories and knickknacks to share with family and friends!

Planned Field Trips: Playground/Parks, Children's Creativity Museum

  • This course is taught in ENGLISH. Sky Kids reserves the right to change course content.
  • Final field trip schedules will be communicated before the start of each camp week.