Healthy Finger Eats (Grades K-2)

Campers will be making tasty and nutritious finger treats, while learning about ingredients, recipes, and food preparation techniques. Cooking is super fun when you can eat while you cook!

The Sky Kids Culinary Program will be showing campers how to make healthy finger eats. At the beginning of each day, our chefs in training will learn about the menu for the day, the ingredients involved and how to prepare them (washing, cutting, peeling, etc.), kitchen utensils and tools (including safety guidelines) and then prepare their own treats from scratch.  Not only will the students be making their own snacks but eating them too!. By the end of the week, our young chefs will prepare a recipe book to take home with them.

Students will start with edible play dough and make playful ornaments that are also delicious. We will also be making pancake-style pizzas with fresh ingredients we pick-up from the market. Healthy sushi rolls, fruit smoothies, rice krispy treats, and trail mix cookies are also on the menu. 

Planned Field Trips: Local markets/grocery stores, Playgrounds/Parks

  • This course is taught in ENGLISH. Sky Kids reserves the right to change course content.
  • Final field trip schedules will be communicated before the start of each camp week.