3D Artisans (Grades 3-8, 1 week)

3D printing is set to change how we make almost everything! Design is the key part of any creation process and will be the focal point of this camp. Students will learn about functional, spatial, and creative product design through a series of Lighting and Letterpress projects that will utilize 3D modeling and printing techniques. Sky Kids are in training to become true 3D Artisans!



Students will build lighting projects such as 3D printed mini lanterns, custom LED name signs, and DIY LED flashlights with 3D printed shadow cutouts. 

Skills Learned: Basic Circuits, 2D to 3D, 3D Modeling, 3D Printing, Spatial Thinking, Constructing

pattern roller by samuel.png


Students will be creating letterpress projects such as 3D printed stencils, stamp sets for postcards and 3D printed pattern rollers to create their own custom stationery sets. 

Skills Learned: Printmaking, 2D to 3D, 3D Modeling, 3D Printing, Product Design, Creative Thinking


Planned Field Trips: Autodesk, Playgrounds/Parks, Exploratorium

  • This course is taught in ENGLISH with bi-lingual teaching assistants available to support foreign students where needed. 
  • Sky Kids reserves the right to change course content and adjust field trip locales as needed. Field trip schedules will be communicated before the start of each camp week.