CIO Maker School


CIO Maker School makes technical stuff easy and fun for students 5 -12 years old! Working with Taipei area students, CIO is a group of optimistic, empathetic and passionate professionals who specialize in “digital maker” education for children. The goal of CIO (Creativity, Innovation, Optimist) is to provide educational projects that benefit society and the environment. Through "design thinking", "hands-on activities" and "passionate sharing", everyone can realize their potential to design, and create original solutions to build a better world.

Our teaching is based on the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) approach. Our goal is to inspire students to solve problems and learn through play.

Address: Tatung University (No.40, Sec. 3, Zhongshan N. Rd., Taipei City) Shangzhi Building, Room 611

Address: Tatung University (No.40, Sec. 3, Zhongshan N. Rd., Taipei City) Shangzhi Building, Room 611

Program Highlights:

  • Innovation: Learn to use different materials and skills to convert original thinking into creations.

  • Circuits: Learn to use electrical circuits through hands-on activities.

  • Logical analysis: Develop observation and problem solving skills by collaborating with team members to work through different challenges (e.g. escape room).

  • Programming: Learn how to integrate software and hardware.

  • Design thinking: Learn to solve problems through imaginative role-play.

  • Story-telling: Learn to think thoroughly and share design concepts through active story-telling.

Sky Kids 2019 Camp Partner

Sky Kids has arranged for our students to join the CIO Maker 2019 program, which is a local camp and after-school activities provider to students in the Greater Taipei area. Each weekly session has between 10-20 students, which are organized into smaller groups based on age and a teacher-to-student ratio at 1:5.

Program Schedule

SK TW 2019 Schedule_CIO_ALL2.png

Week 1: Magic Inventor (July 15-19)

Day 1: Game program design (Racing car & Secret code), Game device creating (Mini sports car)

Day 2: Game program design (Dinosaur adventure), Game device creating (Automata dinosaur)

Day 3: Game program design (Goalie game), Dessert making

Day 4: Game program design (Tank game), Game device creating (Auto tank)

Day 5: Game program design (Warship battle), Game device creating (Treasure ship)


Week 2: Welcome to the Jungle (July 22-26)

Day 1: Badge creating (Indigenous badge), Crafting practice (Totem lamp & leopard vehicle)

Day 2: 3D model design and printing, Basic circuits and the mechanisms integration (Aborigine’s house)

Day 3: Creative crafting (Wild bag), Dessert making

Day 4: Creative mechanism design (Camping lantern & Camera)

Day 5: Creative toy design (Cuckoo & Telescope)


Week 3: Magic World (July 29-Aug 2)

Day 1: Badge creating(Wizard badge), Basic circuits(Magic wand), Crafting practice(Magic train)

Day 2: 3D model design and printing, Chemistry experiment (Bath bomb)

Day 3: Advanced circuits and the mechanisms creating (Capsule castle), Dessert making

Day 4: Advanced circuits and the mechanisms creating (Capsule castle), Creative mechanism design (Echo book)

Day 5: Creative toy design (Magic dragon), Sharing

Week 4: Universal Athlete (Aug 5-9)

Day 1: Creative toy design (Basketball court), Sport (Play basketball)

Day 2: Creative toy design (Soccer field), Sport (Play soccer)

Day 3: Creative toy design (Baseball field), Sport (Play teeball)

Day 4: Creative toy design (Basketball court), Field game

Day 5: Creative toy design (Dodgeball game), Sport (Play dodgeball)


Camp Daily Schedule

  • 830-9am: Drop-off

  • 9am-12pm: Class Time (break & snack in-between)

  • 12pm-1pm: Lunch

  • 1pm-4pm: Project Work (break & snack in-between)

    • outdoor activities inside campus

    • no field trips

  • 4pm-430pm: Pick-up

N.B. Sky Kids and CIO Maker School reserves the right to adjust course content as needed.