Cultural Exchange Goes Beyond the Classroom

Prepare for Summer 2019

Over the last 5 years, Sky Kids has hosted over 300 students from China, Taiwan, Mexico, Japan, and Italy at different locations in the city of San Francisco.

Many stayed for 2 weeks or more, with host families or with their own, and were truly able to experience the San Francisco Bay Area and the American way of life.

Our foreign and local students have had a blast over the past summers so we look forward to welcoming more international students to San Francisco this year. 

Be a Host Family

Is your family interested to host campers from abroad? This is an exciting and enriching opportunity for children from different cultural backgrounds to learn from each other on and/or off campus. 

If you are interested to host, please fill out our application form. For 2019, host families will be compensated per week hosted, please contact us for more details.

Host Family Role & Responsibilities

Our international students are generally between the ages of 9 and 14 and come from China and Taiwan. In addition to camp activities, homestay is a great way for them to experience American life and to practice speaking English as many of these kids will eventually head to the US for their high school or college education;

Host families with children are preferred. Host families are also encouraged to enroll their children in the same camp week(s) as their visiting students or vice versa, whichever is more feasible.

Host family responsibilities include providing each student with his/her own bed, handling pickup/drop-off at airport (Sun/Sat), drop-off/pickup at Camp (Mon-Fri), providing all meals except for camp lunch, including the student in your family's weekday and weekend activities, taking time out to communicate with them in English, and helping them acclimate to American life.

Learning together

Exchange Program

Sky Kids Summer Camps prepare kids for an incredible cultural experience, not only at home but also abroad. 

"Sky Kids" will have the chance to practice Mandarin and experience Chinese culture first-hand. 

In 2019, Sky Kids will take Mandarin Immersion to the next level with access to local school and partner programs located in Taiwan.