Little Bots (Grades K-2, 1 week)

Robot Suit | Story | Set Design | Film




Students will brainstorm design ideas for their cardboard ROBOT SUITS. Then they will create their suit with the help of guides, rulers, and their imaginations! All while keeping in mind that they will need to fit into their suit, be able to walk, move their arms or even transform.

Skills Learned: Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Engineering, Measuring, Building

robot suits.png


Students will learn how to develop short STORIES with the entire class. They will sketch the scenes to create a storyboard to tell their ROBOT ADVENTURES! They will star as the main actor in their story with the help of some classmates in supporting roles. At the end of the week, everyone will help create their live action videos!

Skills Learned: Collaboration, Creative Thinking, Movie Direction, and Story Development


Everyone will take part in creating the main SET DESIGN for their stories, especially the props! Background sets are an important element to storytelling as they give the audience a visual cue as to where the story takes place. 

Skills Learned: Team Work, Experimentation,Problem Solving, Engineering, Dexterity


Using an iPad and their storyboards, students will learn to FILM their STORIES to create a short video.

At the end of camp, everyone will share their ROBOT ADVENTURES!

Planned Field Trips: Autodesk, Playgrounds/Parks, Exploratorium

  • This course is taught in ENGLISH with bi-lingual teaching assistants available to support foreign students where needed. 
  • Sky Kids reserves the right to change course content and adjust field trip locales as needed. Field trip schedules will be communicated before the start of each camp week.