Plaster Art (Grades 3-8, 1 week)

Ever see a cast on a person who broke a limb? Plaster is used to keep the limb ridged so it can heal straight. Plaster comes in many forms. We will explore how people use it in the world and then see how artists in ancient and modern times use this material as well. Campers will work on various projects that use plaster to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary!

Michelangelo and George Segal both made art from plaster. Many artists use this material in a variety of ways. At the end of this class you will paint, carve, cast and wrap surfaces with plaster. You will also understand where the material comes from and how many industries rely on this material.


Fresco Painting

Artists mix paint with gypsum plaster so that color sinks into the plaster. We will try fresco painting and use another gypsum product called gesso that we will paint on canvas to make it smooth. 

Fresco Painting

Fresco Painting

California is famous for it’s rich gypsum deposits. We will look at how it is mined and ask if it is sustainable.

California is famous for it’s rich gypsum deposits. We will look at how it is mined and ask if it is sustainable.


Just like the plaster gauze for casts, we can use plaster gauze to make relief and free standing sculptures. We will also understand how dentists, interior designs, and agriculture use plaster.

Molds & Casting


We will put plaster in a bag orballoon and squish it till the composition is right. Then paint and glaze for an organic sculpture.     

We can use play dough to create molds and make casts of small objects. We will also try casting leaves and other items from nature.


Gallery Show

On Friday, we will finish up all projects, arrange artwork and setup their display areas. Time to prepare the Sky Kids Gallery with a BIG art show welcome sign.

Put words to your process: What is your favorite part of the project? What would you do differently the next time? What advice would you give another artist trying to use the same materials?

Afternoon Display: Parents, teachers, staff, and fellow campers get ready to feast your eyes on our plaster wonderland! Students are the tour guides for this special gallery exhibit                                          


Planned Field Trips: Playgrounds/Parks, Children's Creativity Museum, Artist Studio

Using the medium of wax, students in 2016 explored different re-combinations of color and texture via rubbings, melting, grating, and ironing. In 2017, students will work with plaster and paper to create even more surprising pieces of art!

  • This course is taught in ENGLISH with bi-lingual teaching assistants available to support foreign students where needed. 
  • Sky Kids reserves the right to change course content and adjust field trip locales as needed. Field trip schedules will be communicated before the start of each camp week.