Sky Tunes (Grades K-2, 1 week)

Learn about the world through music! Campers will learn the origins of different instruments and create their own collection for a final show and tell.


Rain sticks.JPG

Non-Percussion Instruments

Students will learn about common Central & South American instruments such as the maracas and rain sticks

String Instruments

We will look at the guitar, which has been used in some form or way in almost every society throughout history. And, understand the similarities and differences with its cousin, the banjo.

mouth organ.jpg


Students will work with the harmonica, which originated from China and was widely used later in Europe. They will also create their own mouth organ pieces.

Drum Instruments

Campers will create their own drum instruments from recyclable materials.


At the end of the week, students will have the chance to show and tell their personalized collection of instruments

Planned Field Trips: Playgrounds/Parks, Children's Creativity Museum

  • This course is taught in ENGLISH with bi-lingual teaching assistants available to support foreign students where needed. 
  • Sky Kids reserves the right to change course content and adjust field trip locales as needed. Field trip schedules will be communicated before the start of each camp week.