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Yude Kindergarten


Private kindergarten based in New Taipei City with over 600 students including preschool age up to 6 years old. Yude’s teaching philosophy is centered around a theme-based approach that promotes creative learning through exploration and experience . Similar to our Sky Kids mission as an education provider, Yude Kindergarten promotes learning by doing and in the process kids are able to discover new interests, uncover hidden talents, and build self-confidence. To supplement their theme-based learning program, different areas are setup for kids to explore and try various activities that build gross motor, problem-solving, and social interaction skills.

Sky Kids 2019 Exclusive

Sky Kids students (ages 4-6) have the unique opportunity to join their classes from June 24 - July 19. This is a fully immersive Mandarin learning opportunity in a live local school and classroom setting. Spaces are limited and may vary per week (e.g. 5-10 students per week).

Program Schedule

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N.B. Sky Kids and Yude Kindergarten reserve the right to adjust course content as needed