General Housekeeping

1. Where do I drop-off and pick-up my child?

For all locations, parents or designated parties will receive an email notice with confirmation of camp booking and related drop-off and pick-up instructions one month prior to the start of camp.

2. What do I need to prepare for my child?

Please have your child wear sneakers and comfortable clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. Kids will be participating in hands-on activities each day, with half day spent outdoors on field trip. Also, please have your child bring a water bottle, lunch and snacks.


3. Should my child bring extra set of clothes?

Yes, we suggest you prepare an extra set of clothes especially on days that are designated beach days, which will be communicated prior to the start of camp. Since we will be out having some serious fun, there will always be dirt and water involved.


4. If I did not indicate the need for extended care at registration time, can I still opt for it when camp is in session? And how will it be charged?

Yes, you can opt for extended care later and book online before camp starts. If only specific days are needed please inform and pay us via check ahead of time.


5. What if I can't pick up my child by 4:30pm if not in extended care or by 5:30pm if in extended care?

We understand that your schedule can get very hectic sometimes, but we hope that you will also respect our teachers and camp counselors' time.

  • For those, who have not paid for extended care and are not able to pick-up by 4:30pm, we will charge you $20 for the full hour of extended care.

  • For those in extended care that are not picked-up by 5:30pm, we will impose a late fee of $10 per minute, which will be given to the counselor on duty that day.


All camp fees include field trips and learning materials as needed. Lunch/Snacks are not included.


7. Does your camp offer financial assistance options? 

Not at this moment, but we are working on it. One option is to serve as a host family for our international camp participants. If you are interested in hosting, please email us at


8. What if I need to cancel my camp booking?

All camp bookings are non-refundable. However, we understand there may be unforeseeable circumstances so you may make one schedule change in the same camp year. In exceptional cases, we can work with you on a solution.


9. What if my child gets sick at camp? Will you take my child to the hospital?

We will contact you immediately if your child isn't well. We also request that parents respond promptly when asked to pick up your child. If the condition is urgent we will call 911, and the child's parents will be responsible for all related medical charges resulting from ambulance use and hospital stays.

10. My child has food allergies. What if my child is allergic to snacks / lunch provided at camp?

Please note your child's food allergies at registration time and we will make arrangement when possible. However, if the allergy is extreme, please pack his/her lunch and snacks.